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Posted 10 months ago

Singer, Adam Levine is People’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”  But, it takes 3 gay men to really know who else should be on the list!

The Bo boys chat all the sexy men of 2013.  Who makes their list?  One believes in “same love,” another you may want to dig your claws into… if he doesn’t beat you to the punch… and a man who really knows how to kick some ass!

Posted 10 months ago

Landing a great guy isn’t always easy, especially when you keep dating the same type of man over and over again.  True love… does it exist and how can you finally break bad dating habits to get yourself onto a path to true partnership?

The Bo Boys chat with Relationship Expert and Co-Author of, "It’s Okay to Sleep with Him on the First Date:  And Every Other Rule of Dating Debunked," Andrea Syrtash.

Is it possible to break patterns, hop into the sack… and still get the guy?

Posted 11 months ago

HALL PASS TO MANHOOD: Permission to Live Beyond Our Own Gay Stereotypes

As a 37-year old gay man living and working in New York City, I am reminded everyday of who I am “supposed” to be.  Every moment I step out onto 19th Street in my gayborhood of Chelsea, I see and feel “it.”  I’ve searched for a word or phrase to describe what “it” really is – it’s “High School.”  But, I’m going to call “it” HS otherwise known as the biggest form of gay adult BS.

HS is judgment based on the important things in life:  clothing, accessories, hairstyles and the crowd you run around with.  I thought I left this HS back in Central Dauphin High School (CD) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania back in 1994.  But, oddly enough, I walk down the halls of CD everyday on my way to work, grocery store and as I stroll to church.  It’s in the second looks, stares, glares, smiles, winks, turned up noses and heads turned in disgust.

I’m not judging my gay brothers for choosing to dress in the latest styles that are all over the pages of OUT and GQ.  First off, I respect a guy who decides to roll up his pants past his ankles to show off his pink and baby blue striped socks.  I’m not going to judge my brothers for choosing to have the perfectly coiffed haircut.  I can’t hate a guy with perfect Rodrigo Santoro hair.  Hell, if I could grow it, I would.  I won’t judge my gay bros for hitting the gym hard to have the big biceps and six pack abs.  Hell, if you can’t pinch an inch – good for you!  You can pinch my two.  Finally, my friends are my family here in NYC.  So, soar with the eagles boys (you know the whole birds of a feather saying) – gays, we flock together!  But, I don’t want to be judged by a fierce pack of label worshipping, hair as high as the heavens meatheads for choosing not to participate in this BS of HS.  Quite frankly, I’m too old to live that way.

There has to be something more than living the stereotypes so many of us choose to sport like the latest tote bag from Louis Vuitton.  One of my favorite pastors Josh Kimes (and damn this man has style – look him up) recently said, “Living young and free means choosing character over compromise.”  Wow, how many of us have compromised our truest character to win the approval of a fierce pack of fashionistos – otherwise known as our “friends” or the gay community?  I don’t know about you, but as I age (yes it’s ok to admit we’re getting older), my character is truly what represents me.  So, how do I wear my character like a perfectly tailored Italian suit?  What’s the inseam of my soul?  Time to dig deeper - beyond the Dolce & Gabbana.

I’m choosing to do something that will hopefully change my life.  I’m choosing to give myself permission to live beyond the stereotypes that are set up for gay men – sometimes by others and sometimes from our own community.  I’m giving myself permission to age gracefully and willingly.  I’m finally letting myself be a 31” waist, and not obsess about how it was just 29” two years ago (yes, some of you may hate me for having a 31” waist).  I’m giving myself permission to lose my hair and finally buzz it down to peach fuzz (which is more grey than ever).  I’m giving myself permission to eat more than two slices of pizza because I love it and weighing over 155 lbs. is okay and normal (I’m probably 163ish).  I’m giving myself permission to hang up the tight t-shirts that just don’t look the same on me… damn, my boobs seem to be sagging (who knew this happens to guys).  What the hell… I’m giving myself permission to be a man and not an eternal 18-year old boy.

I don’t know what I expect to get out of this hall pass to manhood, but roaming the halls (streets of my life) are sure going to be more satisfying and HS free.  You know why, because I’m giving myself permission to live beyond our own gay stereotypes.

Posted 11 months ago

Some say it’s in the eyes, lips, the way you walk .. or the way you kiss (pretty obvious one).  But, which type of gaydar do you use to figure out who’s gay or straight?

A new study is examining how a person’s facial symmetry might offer clues to his or her sexual orientation.  Do you give good gay face?

Posted 11 months ago

There are 29 states where LGBT Americans can be LEGALLY fired because of their sexual orientation, Alaska is one of them. 

In this “best of” bit, the Bo Boys chat with Amy, from Fairbanks, Alaska and hear how she was denied employment because she’s transitioning.  Find out why it’s so important the U.S. Government passes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  Your job may count on it!

Posted 1 year ago

What’s the big deal behind a lip lock between two people… could it be because it was videotaped and posted to YouTube?  Could it be because it lasted over one hour and 24 minutes?  Perhaps, viewers had the video flagged because it is two men swapping saliva!

New York City-based Artist, Idan Bitton, isn’t tongue tied as he chats about the controversy surrounding his video "First Kiss" with fellow Artist, Alfredo Calle Ferran.  He explains why they chose to pucker up and post the plentiful pecks online.

The Bo boys find out a kiss is NOT just a kiss… well, at least on YouTube.

Posted 1 year ago

The smartphone tags along with us no matter where we go… school, store and even the sack!  It’s the great digital divide that could be driving you and your loved ones apart.

Sexuality Counselor, Ian Kerner, says “Technology allows us to be constantly connected to the world, but it can also make us even more disconnected from each other.” 

You + mate + smartphone = potential disaster

The Bo Boys learn to keep “it” in their pants and to definitely not bring “it” out during sex.

* “it” is a smartphone

Posted 1 year ago

Conversion Therapy was once believed to help change a person’s sexual orientation… sometimes called reparative therapy or even “praying the gay away.”

Samuel Brinton endured multiple forms of what some would call abuse… emotional and physical. He even received electric shock therapy in an effort to “convert” him into a heterosexual orientation.

He was told the government kills gay kids, all gay kids have AIDS and God no longer loved him. Brinton received so much abuse that to this day he still feels shocks when touched by another man.

Find out why you don’t hear much from those who survive conversion therapy, and why the phrase “I can’t change what I didn’t choose” is so true.

* The American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association oppose this practice.

Posted 1 year ago

Russia recently passed some extreme anti-gay legislation, banning things like gay pride events and even talking about homosexuality within the earshot of children.  Offenders face severe fines and jail sentences.  Russia’s LGBT and allies are under attack!

Bars are uniting all over the globe to support gays by banning booz!  But, is boycotting Stoli and other Russian vodka really proving a point to Putin?

The Bo Boys chat with the owner of the popular Jersey City, NJ bar PINT - Wolf Sterling.  Wolf offers up better ways to help stop Putin’s bashings.

He even explains what really happens when a straight man sits down next to two gay guys at a gay bar… and it’s not what you’re thinking!

Posted 1 year ago

Getting from Point A to Point B has become more interesting… thanks to healthy, environmentally friendly and cost effective travel alternatives. 

The Bo Boys chat with Alternative Transportation Expert, Brandy Sweitzer, about bike shares, carpooling and telecommuting.  Do you know about the three foot law being passed in many states across the country?

Find out the benefits and basics of riding topless in NYC (kind of).